Zettair Download (Release Archive)

Current releases of Zettair can be found here.


  • bzipped tarball (1.0M), MD5 checksum: fb350ae483654f1caa6846b680c81f97
  • gzipped tarball (1.3M), MD5 checksum: da31492d7f1f57acabf9097703345b88
  • zip archive (1.4M), MD5 checksum: e067d771df2f805144f8d40a81b30e62
  • precompiled windows binaries (statically linked to zlib):
    • zet.exe (388K), MD5 checksum: 1bcc420ebb98394336cdbb891c3980b4
    • zet_trec.exe (332K), MD5 checksum: 53a37134fa414b7adbe5766e682adb92
    • zet_cat.exe (248K), MD5 checksum: 2641def95f9fd7a1d644c6303413291c
    • zet_diff.exe (244K), MD5 checksum: 19f7c2502345410789a590685ecb6f8d


  • bzipped tarball (1.1M), MD5 checksum: 40cb3c6f32d3bc1fdc2bb802e42eed1c
  • gzipped tarball (1.5M), MD5 checksum: 3935d612f6d70ab88df7e44b516244bc
  • zip archive (1.6M), MD5 checksum: 1d347469df06071a10b5863cc6f642b7
  • precompiled windows binaries (statically linked to zlib):
    • zet.exe (400K), MD5 checksum: 353eb87fa4d211a7cef75cd42ed5e945
    • zet_trec.exe (344K), MD5 checksum: 72d0e8d7bd7845e1d304a63b32e315d8
    • zet_cat.exe (256K), MD5 checksum: f85dc0573cb7c6dcfba370b0d1fcf439
    • zet_diff.exe (256K), MD5 checksum: 4e94f630d3595a969bb0008313cbb7d4


  • bzipped tarball (1.0M), MD5 checksum: cd972106a171b1cb005b3fcc8953936b
  • gzipped tarball (1.3M), MD5 checksum: 4579cef8a0434a86fd29db427c9c103f
  • zip archive (1.4M), MD5 checksum: 098b352f1f1e81ed417397423febf020


  • bzipped tarball (674K), MD5 checksum: f921861f5cb904ba533b47fa1d928c9f
  • gzipped tarball (866K), MD5 checksum: 5d7107dc9a558e9568fa1bdc1e4864f8
  • zip archive (928K), MD5 checksum: 17d3c0b4f79f792843fc4b3abf76d802


  • bzipped tarball (701K), MD5 checksum: a28ff52b539b7f2e5652351842e7037c
  • gzipped tarball (894K), MD5 checksum: 9ce375a3f5f01d74d819ab2dd35af14b
  • zip archive (960K), MD5 checksum: 02f9cf13bcd185b7a1e7c51eeb85acbb

lucy 0.5.4

  • bzipped tarball (204K), MD5 checksum: 3913959bd7224520105c4919812c9f55
  • gzipped tarball (249K), MD5 checksum: 63ac2a5fed46c9a76dfc577803e4c1c2
  • zip archive (293K), MD5 checksum: dbc4f6cdb575b102c4faf8739315c6d3

lucy 0.5.3

  • bzipped tarball (179K), MD5 checksum: c0bac259ee0ca8d72d583efcf7b274b5
  • gzipped tarball (219K), MD5 checksum: 51dedeefe2ad4d3a5a8c21bbe4ae3a60
  • zip archive (257K), MD5 checksum: ac0013f7714118e55caef838609536d0

lucy 0.5.2

  • gzipped tarball (143K), MD5 checksum: 862239d2f7b7f9745791c314a355f974
  • zip archive (174K), MD5 checksum: 5d7b3fa649840d41c5fb111910f44e45

lucy 0.5.1

  • gzipped tarball (143K), MD5 checksum: 86777aa37de91175eeba589fad261422
  • zip archive (174K), MD5 checksum: b08dbf56e4ef86d1567c74905dbd77b9