15th October, 2009

Hoorah! We have a new website.

10th October, 2009

It's been a while, but another dev release should be up in a few weeks including some new experimental modules.

3rd March, 2009

The revitalised development of Zettair is moving along nicely. To keep you all updated with the latest changes we're now providing in-development releases which are available here. These releases are not stable, but contain the latest bug fixes and patches. We'll attempt to release an in-development version monthly until a new stable release is ready.

10th February, 2009

Zettair is back in development. After an extended break we've decided to update Zettair. Initially releases will focus fixing the reported bugs that have accumulated over the past two years. Beyond that we hope to extend Zettair with new exciting new ideas along with some of the most popular feature requests. Stay tuned...

29th September, 2006

The Windows executables for Zettair 0.9.3 have been updated so that they identify themselves with the correct version number.

8th September, 2006

Zettair 0.9.3 is now available, This is a bug-fix version, for the following issues:

  • segfault if --stem=none is specified for indexing
  • malformed output or assertion failure from zet_trec if docno-less documents are retrieved
  • fix for the expanding docmap issue, where the docmap file would grow during each successive invocation of zet or zet_trec, until the index became corrupted
  • summarisation bug caused lower-quality snippets to be generated
  • improved handling of 'Topic:' and friends in TREC topic files, as accepted by zet_trec

Due to the nature of the docmap bug, we recommend that everyone upgrade to 0.9.3 from any previous 0.9 release.

10th July, 2006

Zettair 0.9.2 is now available, which fixes a number of minor bugs found since the 0.9.1 release.

29th June, 2006

Zettair 0.9.1 is now available, which simply fixes a number of minor bugs found since the 0.9 release. In addition to source downloads, we are now offering pre-compiled windows binaries for download.

6th June, 2006

Zettair 0.9 is now available. There has been a huge amount of change from 0.6.1, including:

  • stemming
  • transparent indexing of gzipped files (though summarisation will be slow for these files)
  • an overhauled metric system, including a language for composing new metrics
  • the addition of the Dirichlet-smoothed language modelling metric, now as default
  • optional impact-ordered operation
  • greatly decreased memory consumption
  • increased querying and indexing speed
  • integrated effectiveness evaluation

10th August, 2004

Zettair 0.6.1 is now available. The only change from 0.6.0 is a workaround for the OS X bug in the 0.6.0 index construction. Please note that as of 0.6.0, (we forgot to mention this in the 0.6.0 announcement) Zettair should build and run on windows, both under native win32 (using visual studio) or under cygwin. Please try it out and report any bugs.

28th July, 2004

Zettair 0.6.0 is available for download. This version incorporates numerous changes over 0.5.4:

  • B+-tree vocabulary for better memory usage and scalability
  • New build system to support b+-tree construction (via a bulk-construction algorithm)
  • Numerous bugfixes

Unfortunately we are aware that Zettair 0.6.0 has a problem building large indexes on Mac OS X. This will cause a crash during the last stage of index construction. We are currently investigating and will release Zettair 0.6.1 to correct this problem.