Zettair Downloads

Stable (0.9.3)

Use this if you need a stable tested product.

  • bzipped tarball (1.0M), MD5 checksum: 03b437d09e605be1eab2b6c42d45165d
  • gzipped tarball (1.3M), MD5 checksum: 994856796f5c674fdcde3ca80b250568
  • zip archive (1.4M), MD5 checksum: 04e4919b9e675f12a261150a3869118a
  • precompiled windows binaries (statically linked to zlib):
    • zet.exe (388K), MD5 checksum: dc50659840ca91bc2e5057980a5705e0
    • zet_trec.exe (332K), MD5 checksum: 3138acac3eb3da5b2d19698072e1db74
    • zet_cat.exe (248K), MD5 checksum: 445675cf81a6e19f56bbb7132ac6c1f6
    • zet_diff.exe (244K), MD5 checksum: 1e0aab14591a8f3813395ef2926d050e

In-Development ( March 2009)

Use this if you want to try your luck with the latest patches and features, but don't mind if things sometimes go wrong.

  • bzipped tarball (1.2M), MD5 checksum: 5b79993a516014ef4913e167e08bb78a
  • gzipped tarball (1.5M), MD5 checksum: a334bf4b2611160067cb22b94ed46d35
  • zip archive (1.6M), MD5 checksum: a50d7bb966e7492f600f7f9a445cc99e

Older Releases

Previous releases of Zettair can be found here.