Q: How do i index formats other than HTML and TREC?

A: The HTML indexer will work over text data as well (things that look like markup may be ignored). Simply index your text data as HTML and search as normal. You can use common filters such as Antiword and ps2ascii to convert Microsoft Word documents, PostScript and PDF files into text data suitable for searching with Zettair.

Q: How much data is Zettair capable of handling?

A: We're not really sure. We've indexed over 100GB of data without problems. As of 0.6.1, we've indexed the 426GB TREC terabyte track collection.

Q: Are indexes portable between machines?

A: Indexes are currently portable between different machines, but aren't portable between different architectures. Unfortunately, we currently don't store floating point document weights portably. You may also experience problems if your source documents are stored in different locations on different machines.

Q: I want Zettair to ... and it currently doesn't. Help?

A: You can email us at zettair@cs.rmit.edu.au. We'll try our best to help, or provide some advice.

Q: I found a bug in Zettair, where do i report it?

A: Please mail us at zettair@cs.rmit.edu.au we'll deal with it.