This page documents how you can use Zettair to query an inverted index. There are two executables that can be used for querying indexes build by Zettair:

Metric Options

These can be used with either zet or zet_trec to change the similarity metric used by Zettair.

Index Search

Usage: zet [query1 ... queryN]

Index querying options:

Sample Command Line:

zet -n 10 -f disk45

Example queries:

Note that if you are entering queries at the command line, you will probably have to escape (using the backslash or other means) double quotes for phrases. e.g.

> zet "this is a query \"with a phrase\""

TREC Index Search

Usage: zet_trec index

TREC querying options:

Sample Command Line:

./zet_trec -f /research/TREC-7/topics.351-400 -n 1000 disk45 > query.log

The file query.log can then be evaluated with trec_eval against pre-prepared relevance judgements.