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Journal articles
  1. H.E. Williams, J. Zobel, and D. Bahle, "Fast Phrase Querying with Combined Indexes". ACM Transactions on Information Systems, 22(4) , 573-594, 2004. Abstract PostScript
Refereed Conference Proceedings
  1. D. Bahle, H.E. Williams, and J. Zobel, "Efficient Phrase Querying with an Auxiliary Index". In K. Jarvelin and M. Beaulieu and R. Baeza- Yates and S. H. Myaeng, Proc. ACM-SIGIR International Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval, Tampere, Finland, 215-221, 2002. Abstract PostScript
  2. D. Bahle, H.E. Williams, and J. Zobel, "Compaction Techniques for Nextword Indexes". String Processing and Information Retrieval (SPIRE), Laguna de San Rafael, Chile, 33-45, 2001. Abstract PostScript
  3. D. Bahle, H.E. Williams, and J. Zobel, "Optimising Phrase Querying and Browsing of Large Text Databases". In M. Oudshoorn, Proc. Australasian Computer Science Conference, Gold Coast, Australia, 11-19, 2001. Abstract PostScript

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